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February 05 2014


DayZ Cd key generator

DayZ standalone CD key

The team behind Day - Z at Bohemia Interactive provided an update Monday that looks back at the first week of the alpha release of the zombie survival game on Steam and what's to come .
The first week of Day - Z saw more than 400,000 copies of the game sold and downloaded with the game handling up to 40,000 users signed in at the same timeThat means Bohemia Interactive brought in over $10 million the first week for the $29
Three patches have already been released to the game but creator Dean Hall laid out the the plans for what the game will see in the immediate future following a holiday season break this week before churning out updates next week
A lack of zombies has been a complaint with the Day - Z alpha and that is due in part to making sure the game ran stable enough for everyone

Hall says that they plan to optimize "the way we handle dynamic objects (such as loot) a great deal more which should give us significant savings" which will result in more zombies on the screen in early 2014
Zombie and loot respawning is also a high priority task to be corrected and the first update to these should roll out soon
Animals and hunting will also be added in early 2014 and the AI is so-far based on the re-worked zombie AI
The game can only run about 300 animals right now without impacting performance but the plan is to allow players to hunt animals for their meat
Naturally, that leads to cooking which is only half-done at this point according to Hall
The goal is to allow players to gather resources from the world to build fireplaces with the crafting system or use gas stoves to cook food for the seemingly perpetually hungry human survivors

DayZ CD key generator

Day - Z server hosts will find new server options coming as well so that those running their own server can setup a "hardcore" mode or password-protected shards so that members of the community can run their own variants of the core game
Additional security will be coming as well with changes to the architecture of the game
All game news on Examiner can be followed at the Game On Facebook page and Twitter feed
Mine - Z is a Minecraft modded server based off of the popular mod Day - Z
This review is going to avoid too many comparisons between the two; partly because they are so obviously different, and partly because I have yet to extensively play Day - Z
The basic premise of the game is that it is a zombie apocalypse, you are one of many survivors wandering the landscape, and equipped with minimal equipment, you have to survive as long as possible

DayZ Standalone CD key generator

You can join with friends or strike out on your own, but no matter what you will always spawn in the South, along the coast
Towns along the coast are well stocked with the equipment you need, but competition is rough
Other players and zombies alike will try to take a bite out of you, and I can safely say that the majority of my deaths have been to groups of people or iron clad bandits

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